Top tip – The Cranberries rule for backpackers: No need to argue

25 Mar

TOP TIP – THE CRANBERRIES RULE FOR BACKPACKERS: NO NEED TO ARGUE  It’s eleven o’clock at night and I’m stumbling back to my hostel in Rome when I witness a familiar scene: two young Aussies with tears streaming down their faces, shoes in hand and storming off in opposite directions. Almost everyone has heard the story of the BFFs (best friends forever) who embark together on a dream journey and bitterly return when the reality becomes a nightmare. What’s with all the drama?

Sure, it’s difficult spending 24 hours seven days a week with anyone, especially if you enjoy your independence. But how quickly we forget what travelling and, more importantly, what life is all about. The Cranberries said in one of their most successful songs, “we were raised to see life as fun.” And that’s exactly how it should be on the trip of a lifetime.

Here are a few things to consider that will help you to achieve a fight-free trip.

Pre-departure precautions

If you have concerns about your travel buddy at the time of booking your trip, your reservations are probably going to eventuate. Furthermore, it’s likely your friend is having similar thoughts. Be open and discuss your issues. You might decide its wiser to travel in a tour or to invite another friend who helps you both to compromise.

Identify and compare each of your priorities for the trip. Ensure that your itinerary allows both of you to complete your most exciting experiences and then make compromises on other things.

While you are there

If you feel like you need some space, tell your friend. If you don’t tell them, they won’t know until you are already fed up.

Take advantage of differences in interests to spend some time apart as required. For example, while one of you enjoys a bike riding tour of the city, the other may be studying local art or sampling sweets at the food market.

Be sympathetic to one another when you are tired or in stressful situations.

Keep talking. Think about something your friend does at home and ask them about it. Many arguments occur because an individual, for whatever reason, feels isolated or neglected. Show that you are interested even after weeks on the road together.

Mix and mingle with others. However, it is important that you never totally abandon a friend, no matter how much they are annoying you. When out at night, keep a watchful eye on each other.

By Marissa Toohey


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