Colour my life, NZ

10 Apr

COLOUR MY LIFE, NZ  New Zealand is the most colourful place I have ever been. Vibrant green, orange and turquoise hues are naturally produced in crater lakes, geothermal springs, geysers, silica terraces, bubbling pools and pure lakes that are scattered inland and along the coastline. These unusual colours are only possible because New Zealand has some of the most volcanic areas in the world. It is the minerals and volcanic rocks that produce the colours.

I discovered the greatest colours in Rotorua which is located on a volcanic plateau in the heart of the North Island’s thermal belt. The top sights follow.

Inferno Crater at Waimangu Volcanic Valley near Mt Haszard.

Geyser on Lake Rotomahana right next to the site of the old famous Pink and White Terraces.

Champagne Pool hot spring at Wai-O-Tapu.

Devils Bath Pond at Wai-O-Tapu.

Silica terrace at Waimangu Volcanic Valley.

For more information

Inferno Crater, geyser on Lake Rotomahana and silica terrace at Waimangu Volcanic Valley:

Champagne Pool and Devil Bath Pond at Wai-O Tapu:

Rotorua is the main tourist centre on the North Island so it is easy to get to and there is plenty of accommodation. For local information, visit the following websites: and

By Marissa Toohey


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