3 bands I'd fly across the world for

21 Apr

3 BANDS I’D FLY ACROSS THE WORLD FOR   There’s nothing like seeing a band when they’re comfortable and performing in front of their oldest and most loyal fans. There’s an extra special connection between an artist and their home crowd that everyone else misses out on and the connection is so electrifying, it’s sometimes worth flying across the world to experience.

When I talk about flying across the world for a band, I’m not referring to getting tickets to see an old band that announces a “come back” concert, consisting of “have-beens” attempting to revive their prime years by donning latex and a grin despite serious resistence from fragile old bodies (yes, there was a subtle reference to Axl in there). I’d rather remember those types of bands fondly, recalling when they could actually perform. I’m referring to bands that are still reported as being amazing, youthful and can perform their greatest acts.

I wouldn’t hesitate to invest in a round-the-world ticket to catch a glimpse of the following bands in their home countries.

1. Muse at London in England. Imagine experiencing singer Matt Bellamy’s vocal range in full cry, performing the greatest Muse album, Absolution, in front of his own home crowd. Absolution includes songs Time is Running Out, Hysteria and Sing for Absolution.The band previously performed Absolution at the 2004 Glastonbury Festival in England and told MTV the concert was “the best gig of our lives”. I wonder if they can do it even bigger and better…

2. Rammstein at Berlin in Germany. Rammstein is one “hot” band! Even if you are not a fan of Rammstein’s heavy music, you have to appreciate the band’s daring costumes and complex pyrotechnics. The German band has achieved global notoriety for its over-the-top stage performances which often include fire balls and glitterbursts and even the singer, Till Lindemann, spends entire songs on fire!

3. No Doubt at Anaheim in California. This will not surprise those who know me well but, for everyone else, I couldn’t help but include my favourite band ever. You might contest how I put No Doubt into a category of bands that are still in their prime but, in my eyes, they’ve still got it baby! I’d love to see Gwen and the boys perform Tragic Kingdom and revive the great scar era of the 90s.

Who would you fly across the world for?

By Marissa Toohey


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