Forfeiting phone plans, internet connections, apartments and …

13 May

FORFEITING PHONE PLANS, INTERNET CONNECTIONS, APARTMENTS AND … It’s a strange thing to cancel all accounts and abandon most commitments in your life. Leading up to an international relocation, you need to forfeit all the things that are considered essential during your day to day life – mobile phone plan, bank accounts, apartment, car – because they are no longer required. These are the things that have been connecting you with society for years and years. I’ve heard the feeling when you’re finally disconnected from everything, is either blissful liberation or pure fear.

I’m getting ready to move to Vietnam and, in around a week, I will have forfeited almost all of my commitments in Australia. You might curiously wonder if I’m subtly referring to my relationship as well but, honestly, that’s the easiest and greatest commitment to maintain. It takes more than seven thousand kilometres to break that up.

I have already sold my car, canceled my phone account, internet, resigned from my job, I will cancel two bank accounts, move out of my apartment and leave all of my recreational groups and professional associations. I’m throwing away most of the things I own as well. What’s left? An enthusiastic couch surfer that’s roaming with nothing but a backpack full of clothes and a smile for a while.

I’m leaving the Land of the Norm and entering the Forest of Limbo, where it’s known by the masses as dangerous and scary but recognised by few as exciting and adventurous. What’s on the other side? I don’t know. Maybe the River of Mum Can I Please Borrow Some Money?

There are a few possessions I just can’t bare to throw away but I can’t take them with me, so they will go to my parents’ house: printed photographs, university books and my professional portfolio. I’ve packed them up nicely and will place them on top of the boxes I stored in the garage four years ago when I originally moved out (sorry again Mum, Dad).

I’m really looking forward to the end of the month when I’m fully emancipated from my life in Sydney, because that’s when I’m going to Brisbane to spend time continuing my favourite and only remaining commitment: my relationship. And I believe that’s called the Land of …? You know how the cheesy ending goes.

By Marissa Toohey


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