theBubbleBuster challenge – Amar Hussain

9 Jul

When Amar Hussain was young, he met a man that had been travelling for six years. The man shared many stories with Amar, spending hours and hours recalling memories of travelling and adventures. So Amar decided to follow in his old friend’s footsteps. And it was as simple as that.

Today, Amar is travelling the world and plans to continue travelling indefinitely. He has already been to South Africa, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Laos and more.

Amar recently toured Australia. He went cage diving with Great White Sharks at Port Lincoln in South Australia, learnt to surf at Crescent Head in New South Wales, went goat herding at a cattle station in regional Queensland and experienced zero gravity during an aerobatic flight at historical town 1770 in New South Wales.

When asked which country he recommends to others, he says: “Thailand. I love the food, the people and the country is so diverse. You have some many options, from the full moon party and trekking, to temples and diving.”

You can read about Amar’s travelling and adventures at his website:

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