theBubbleBuster challenge – Doug Lincoln

9 Jul

Doug Lincoln has a special qualification that allows him to walk off the beaten track and to get up close and personal with the “big five” animals: lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo.

Tourists generally experience safari from the safety of a vehicle. However, Doug walks independently through wild game fields.

“The most exciting trips are on foot because of the independence and freedom. There are far less restrictions on where and how to go [when walking rather than driving in a car].”

“I always try to avoid dangerous confrontations,” he says, “but I have experienced  a number of close encounters. I’ve been charged by rhinos, elephants and I once almost stepped on a sleeping cheetah.”

When asked why he shuns the safety of a safari vehicle and risks an encounter with a hungry beast, he responds: “It’s just passion. I’m very confident and very comfortable in that environment. I have always been interested in animal behaviours and the only way to experience them naturally was to get a qualification that allows me to go off the road.”

Doug took a two year sabbatical many years ago in order to formally study big five animal behaviours through the South African Field Guides Association. It equipped him with knowledge and experience to safely manage encounters with the big five.

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