Top tip – How to beat holiday tummy

9 Jul

TOP TIP – HOW TO BEAT HOLIDAY TUMMY  It’s not uncommon for people to spend the first few days of an international holiday in the foetal position with gastrointestinal pain. Food poisoning, bacteria, dysentry and even stress can cause stomach pain. So I have researched some tools and gadgets that help to avoid “holiday tummy”.

SteriPEN available at

  • Transportable water purifiers use ultraviolet light to destroy waterborne microbes. One of the greatest traveller purifiers available is SteriPEN (pictured left) available at All you need to do is insert the tip of the pen into the water and press the button to initiate the purification process.
  • The Survival Straw removes harmful bacteria, pesticides and heavy metals from water sources, greatly reducing the chances of contracting bugs including Giardia. It allegedly eliminates odor and bad taste as well.
  • Microfilters and Potable Aqua are additional options. Potable Aqua is supplied in two bottles; the first is germicidal tablets and the other is neutralizing tablets that remove iodine taste and color.

It’s sometimes difficult to maintain these measures so it’s a good idea to pack supplies that help to manage diarrhoea if it occurs, including biodegradable toilet tissue, hand sanitiser and Gastrolyte.

Never be paranoid about stomach issues though, as food and drink are often the highlights of certain destinations.

Please comment below with your special holiday tummy tips.

By Marissa Toohey


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