Crikey – Irwin’s perform live croc show

13 Jul

CRIKEY – IRWIN’S PERFORM LIVE CROC SHOW Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin are keeping Steve’s dream alive by educating Australia Zoo visitors through a ripper of a croc show.

I recently went to Australia Zoo and watched the Irwin family perform a croc show with Steve’s best mate, Wes. It was obvious that Steve’s passion and humour have been passed to his children, as Bindi bravely fed a large crocodile from just metres away and Robert joked about Channel 7 reporting them for allowing her to do so.

The family educates its audiences by demonstrating crocodile behaviours. Wes jumps into the water to make the croc territorial, they wave food above the water to temp it to jump, and Terri lures the large croc out of the water with food, showing the audience how slow it becomes once out of the water. The crystal clear water gives people a rare opportunity to see how the animals actually behave under water, revealing the power and pace with which their tales drive them forward.

The croc show is the greatest highlight of Australia Zoo, but it has many other merits as well. Zoo keepers play with tigers, feed elephants, walk wombats and cheetahs. Kangaroos roam freely in a large park and zoo guests are welcome to hand feed them.

The entire zoo is very leafy and sparse and the animals have impressive habitats. In fact, they are the happiest looking animals I have ever seen in a zoo.

Australia Zoo is located at Beerwah, around a one hour drive from Brisbane. The zoo offers a shuttle bus from Roma bus terminal in the CBD. Visit the Australia Zoo website for more information and to buy tickets online.


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