Finding peace in Kuala Lumpur

24 Oct

FINDING PEACE IN KUALA LUMPUR  It happened when I looked out of the window as the plane was descending into Kuala Lumpur (KL) in Malaysia: within an instant my ears stopped ringing, head stopped spinning, my shoulders completely relaxed and a soothing calmness spread throughout my entire body from head to toe. I saw orderly streets, empty spaces, no motorbikes, no traffic! Like an oasis to a desert nomad, KL was the orderly haven I had been dreaming of.

KLCC Park is stunning.

Wide, open and empty footpaths were the highlight for me. They were not obstructed by streetfood stalls, motorbikes, rubbish, floods or groups of people sitting on footstools. I was free to walk without worry.

The Petronas Towers are an impressive sight. KLCC Shopping Centre is located nextdoor and features most major international brands.

KL offered variety in products and services which I had been missing as well, particularly food, clothes and good books in English!

Chinatown offers great markets with huge variety.

And the noise; there was so much less noise than I had become used to, even in Chinatown and Little India.

I had been enjoying the past few months living in HCMC and it was only this moment, peering down upon KL, that I realised it has equipped me with greater perspectives and new appreciations. It’s now the simple things, like clear walkways and quiet streets, that bring me peace and contentment.

By Marissa Toohey


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