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5 top experiences abroad

20 Nov

1. Paragliding at Hopfgarten in Austria.

If you look really closely you will see the paraglider in the sky. The views of the alps were stunning.

 2. The gibbon zip-line experience in Laos.

The Gibbon Experience is an ecotourism adventure; a system of zip lines that soar high above the jungle. Click the image to watch my video.

 3. Motorcycle ride around the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

This photo was taken while riding with my friend Jess who was living in Soc Trang, Vietnam. It's worthwhile taking your own time to explore this area.

 4. Climbing to the summit of Mount Fuji in Japan.

The difficulty of the climb to this summit should not be underestimated. Click the image to read my blog post on the Mount Fuji climb.

 5. Feeding elephants at Chiang Mai in Thailand.

Volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand allows you to care for injured elephants. Click the image to watch my video.

By Marissa Toohey


Helping vulnerable elephants in Thailand

18 Apr

Their skin looks tough and dry but the touch of an Asian elephant warms your insides. Volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, north Thailand, allows you to care for dozens of beautiful elephants that have been injured and vulnerable in the wild. I recently volunteered at the park and got some video footage while feeding the elephants, bathing them, and watching them thrive in safe open spaces. Check it out below.

By Marissa Toohey

Video! The Gibbon zip line experience

3 Mar

The Gibbon Experience is an ecotourism adventure; a system of zip lines that soar high above the jungle. Costs go towards initiatives that protect the Gibbon monkeys in Bokeo Nature Reserve in northern Laos. Check out the video to see why I almost wet my pants …

By Marissa Toohey

Introducing my home in Saigon, Vietnam

16 Nov

By Marissa Toohey

The fiji shark dive, up to 40 bulls

9 Jul

THE FIJI SHARK DIVE, UP TO 40 BULLS   Shea and his fellow divers are embarking a vessel bound for the famous Shark Reef in Beqa Lagoon. Shark Reef lies adjacent to Beqa Passage which is nearly one kilometre deep – deep enough for several species of man-eating sharks to live and breed. Feeders attract large sharks up from the deep abyss and hand feed them as a small group of divers watch from only a few metres away. They are all uncaged and all that lies between Shea and ten man-eating sharks is clear blue water and my hopes and prayers.

Divers see up to 40 bull sharks during a single dive at Shark Reef and, occassionally, get up and close to a resident tiger shark that is over three and a half metres long. Bull and tiger sharks are two of the most dangerous shark species to humans. Grey reef, silver tips and white tip reef sharks are also commonly seen at Shark Reef.

But Shea doesn’t feel threatened for a single moment during the dive (footage at the top of the page). He later describes it as organised and familiar. “The sharks appear comfortable with the routine. They circle in water nearby and approach us one-by-one to take some food.”

“The dive is not difficult,” he adds. “In fact, there is not much diving involved at all. You simply descend 20 to 30 metres and sit on the bottom to watch the action unfold. It’s that easy.”

Shea completed his dive with Beqa Adventure Divers. They operate the shark dive every two days and lead reef and wreck dives on all others days. The dive shop is at Pacific Harbour which is located just 30 minutes east of Suva and there is plenty of accommodation in the region.

By Marissa Toohey

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Eat Pray Love movie trailer out now!

26 Jun

EAT PRAY LOVE MOVIE TRAILER OUT NOW! It’s one of my favourite books of all time and it’s about to hit the big screen. Eat Pray Love was written by Elizabeth Gilbert and is an inspiring tale that has been shared amongst women around the world. Julia Roberts was assigned the leading role. Check out the trailer.

Who else will be at the cinema for opening night?

By Marissa Toohey

Rolling on past

16 May

ROLLING ON PAST  An old video that features an interview with me talking about my roller derby team on has resurfaced. I have had a few people contact me about this recently and it’s funny that most people don’t realise I used to roller skate and coached Sydney’s derby team when they were initially starting out. Today, just two years later (and a fair while since I retired as coach), the sport has a number of teams and is growing fast. Congratulations to the team for increasing the profile of the sport! You can learn more about the Sydney Roller Derby League here, or watch the old video below and have a giggle at my responses.

Scuba diving downunder!

8 May

Check out this video Shea filmed and I edited. It’s a good introduction to sea creatures you might encounter while diving around Australia.

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