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5 top experiences abroad

20 Nov

1. Paragliding at Hopfgarten in Austria.

If you look really closely you will see the paraglider in the sky. The views of the alps were stunning.

 2. The gibbon zip-line experience in Laos.

The Gibbon Experience is an ecotourism adventure; a system of zip lines that soar high above the jungle. Click the image to watch my video.

 3. Motorcycle ride around the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

This photo was taken while riding with my friend Jess who was living in Soc Trang, Vietnam. It's worthwhile taking your own time to explore this area.

 4. Climbing to the summit of Mount Fuji in Japan.

The difficulty of the climb to this summit should not be underestimated. Click the image to read my blog post on the Mount Fuji climb.

 5. Feeding elephants at Chiang Mai in Thailand.

Volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand allows you to care for injured elephants. Click the image to watch my video.

By Marissa Toohey


The new Hanoi

31 Jul

THE NEW HANOI  I spent my first few days in Hanoi around the Old Quarter, developing impressions of the city based wholy on the most chaotic part of the region. My rigorous schedule of training and orientation never allowed for sight seeing, which left me and my friends feeling overwhelmed and craving an escape from the Old Quarter. But I got my escape during the last couple of days and I’ve been up to a few interesting things.

I escaped the Old Quarter.

I rode a scooter for the very first time, thanks to instructions from my lovely language teacher, Thu.

I went for a stroll around the turtle lake and Orr stopped for a palm reading with the lady with two hats.

I had my first entirely Vietnamese conversation at the Literature Temple.

I went to Hoa Lo and saw the conditions POWs endured during the American War. Pictured is a typical cell.

I went to Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum, where the Vietnamese leader's embalmed body is on display.

I attended my first expat party, in sweltering heat (even though it was night). Pictured are some of my volunteer friends at the party: Dave, Ed and Monica.

I have sampled a few interesting meals, including the dish pictured with eight types of mushrooms and tomato arranged as a rose.

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